Thursday, February 20, 2014

Pres. Obama & PM Harper Wager Cases Of Beer On US-Canada Olympic Hockey Games

Conferring about things other than beer in the Oval Office
Hours after making the bet on Twitter, President is one case in the hole...
Washington, DC - There was already a bitter rivalry between the U.S. and Canadian women’s hockey teams as they squared off on Thursday at the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia.  But President Barack Obama and Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper raised the stakes, wagering cases of beer against the outcome. 

The two leaders also bet on the outcome of the men's teams, who will do battle during a semi-final match on Friday.  They had a similar bet in 2010.  Harper threw down the gauntlet on Twitter.

"I'm betting @barackobama one case of Canadian beer per hockey game this week. #teamusa is good, but #WeAreWinter. #GoCanadaGo @WhiteHouse," Mr. Harper tweeted.

.@pmharper and I bet on the women's and men's US-Canada hockey games. Winner gets a case of beer for each game. #GoTeamUSA! -bo," Mr. Obama tweeted.

Hours after the wager went live, the US women suffered a heartbreaking defeat, losing 3-2 to the Canadians.  So Mr. Obama currently owes Mr. Harper one case of American beer.  On Wednesday, the duo were in Toluca, Mexico for the North American Leaders Summit, and at that point "agreed to disagree" on who has the best team.

"For a very brief period of time, I may not feel as warm towards Canadians as I normally do, at least until those matches are over," Mr. Obama said.  

Mr. Harper isn't making him feel any warmer.  He flew home from Mexico to Canada today, and didn't get to watch his women's team nab the gold.  But after congratulating them on Twitter, he jabbed Mr. Obama.

"I look forward to watching the game later and @barackobama, I look forward to my case of beer. #Sochi2014 #WeAreWinter @HC_Women," Mr. Harper tweeted.

In 2010 during the Vancouver Olympics, Mr. Obama had to hand over a case of Molson Canadian beer to Mr. Harper after Team Canada won the men's gold medal in overtime.   Their press secretaries bet on the women's game, and Mr. Obama's then-spokesman Robert Gibbs had to wear a Team Canada jersey to his daily briefing when he lost the wager to his counterpart, then-spokesman Dimitri Soudas.  Beer was also handed over.

The Canadian women struck gold for the fourth Olympics in a row--which is every time that women's hockey has been part of the winter line-up.  The US and Canadian men are set to face off on Friday at noon EST. Photo by Pete Souza/White House