Thursday, January 16, 2014

Six New Partners Announced For First Lady's Drink Up! Campaign

Vivreau, NY2O, Local Water, Crystal Clear Water, CannedWater4Kids and AAGWATT will promote hydration initiative...
Washington, DC - Call it an early birthday present for First Lady Michelle Obama: Six new partners have signed on to promote the Drink Up! campaign, which encourages Americans to imbibe more water.  

The Partnership for a Healthier America (PHA), the foundation that supports Mrs. Obama's Let's Move! campaign by orchestrating private-sector commitments, announced the news on Thursday.

Vivreau, NY2O, Local Water, Crystal Clear Water, CannedWater4Kids and AAGWATT will be supporting Drink Up! with a variety of separately designed campaigns, with some at the local level and some at the national level, said PHA.  Vivreau will also be donating a portion of the cash proceeds from its project to PHA, for which Mrs. Obama serves as honorary Chair.

"We welcome these six companies--which span the tap, bottled and reusable bottle industries--to the Drink Up! collaboration,” said PHA CEO Lawrence A. Soler

"This effort is all about getting the word out and encouraging more Americans to drink more water. We’re delighted that these companies have joined our effort and look forward to their work to help spread this important message."

The companies are joining a big list of supporters that signed on when Mrs. Obama first announced the project in September of 2013, which include Coca-Cola and PepsiCo, Disney and Nickelodeon.  The full list is here.

Mrs. Obama has also engaged celebrities such as Eva Longoria and John Legend to promote her project; superstar NBA basketball players from the Miami Heat are the latest to add their influence, and will be supporting Drink Up! in the months ahead, the Let's Move! campaign announced earlier this week.

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From PHA, the description of the new commitments:

Vivreau, a global leader in providing on-site water bottling systems, will redesign its standard re-usable glass water bottles to feature the Drink Up logo. Vivreau expects to add approximately 75,000 of these re-usable bottles into circulation in locations ranging from top hotels and restaurants to corporate offices and Fortune 500 boardrooms from coast to coast. A portion of the proceeds from its efforts will be donated to PHA for the Drink Up initiative. In addition to the product sponsorship, Vivreau will promote the effort through its website, marketing materials, speaking engagements and social media endeavors.

NY2O: New York-based bottled water brand NY2O will incorporate Drink Up messaging into its retail point of sale materials, which it will circulate to the more than 1,500 retailers it works with. In addition, it will spread the word about the Drink Up initiative at all NY2O-specific events held in 5 select regional markets.

Local Water: operator of a unique network of digitally-engaging water filling stations, will air 15-second PSAs highlighting the Drink Up initiative during its video loop on all current and future filling stations. Each month these PSAs will air more than 345,000 times.

Crystal Clear Water: Iowa-based bottled water company Crystal Clear Water plans to feature the initiative on its truck backs and through radio ads where it will be a constant reminder for the 550,000 citizens of the Greater Des Moines area population to Drink Up.

CannedWater4Kids:  The 501(c)(3) charity focused on making sure all children have access to clean, safe water, will integrate the Drink Up logo on 300,000 of its cans. The group uses 95 cents from every dollar collected to help fund and deliver clean water initiatives worldwide.

AAGWATT:  Chicago-based bottled water company AAGWATT also has joined this effort, agreeing to highlight the Drink Up initiative on its website, educating its followers about the effort to encourage people to drink more water. The company also plans to incorporate a QR code linking to on approximately 50,000 of its bottles.

All six companies have also committed to promote the initiative digitally via their online platforms, PHA said.

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*Photo by Amanda Lucidon/White House, taken in September of 2013 when Mrs. Obama launched the campaign in Watertown, Wisconsin.