Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Air FLOTUS: Michelle Obama Dunks On LeBron James In Miami Heat Video For Let's Move!

Mrs. Obama scores for healthy eating
"Feisty!!" declares James after First Lady surprises NBA Champion players during healthy-eating PSA...
The White House - Never mind her much-ballyhooed dance skills: First Lady Michelle Obama's got hops.  She leaps up and slam dunks a basketball in a hoop held by Miami Heat star LeBron James in a new Let's Move! video promoting healthy eating and hydration.

Superstars Dwyane Wade, Ray Allen, Chris Bosh and head coach Eric Spoelstra are clearly surprised in the PSA after Mrs. Obama takes it to the hole, clad in an elegant jersey dress.  Released on Tuesday, the spot was filmed during the Heat's visit with President Barack Obama last week when he honored the team for their 2013 NBA Championship.

Spoelstra is sedately interviewing his champs in the Diplomatic Reception Room when Mrs. Obama runs up behind the players, jumps high, then dunks into the hoop held by the 6'8" King James. 

"Ohhhoooooh!!" Mrs. Obama exclaims, busting between the players and vamping for the camera.

"Things are feisty!!" James says as his surprised teammates burst into laughter.

Mrs. Obama, who is 5'10', gets above James' head as she jumps--possibly wearing heels, though her feet aren't visible.  In addition to being married to America's foremost hoops fan and weekend player, Mrs. Obama is sister to Craig Robinson, head coach of the men's basketball team at Oregon State University.  Perhaps hubby and big brother have given the First Lady some pointers.

There's plenty more fun in the 50-second video, which also promotes Mrs. Obama's Drink Up! campaign:

Spoelstra is an ambassador for the NBA FIT campaign, and NBA and WNBA are lending all their star power to Mrs. Obama's child obesity initiative, running a contest through March 31st to encourage schools to sign up for Let's Move! Active Schools, a component of the child obesity campaign that asks schools to make 60 minutes of physical activity available to children daily.   Eleven schools that sign up will be randomly selected to receive prizes. 

During last year's White House visit for their 2012 NBA Championship, Heat players also filmed a Let's Move! video promoting healthy eating, discussing their game-day meals.  

The White House on Tuesday heavily promoted the new PSA video on Twitter, dubbing Mrs. Obama "Air @FLOTUS," but misspelling Wade's Twitter handle.


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