Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Democratic National Committee Fundraises With Michelle Obama's 50th Birthday - UPDATED

DNC's birthday card webpage
Best birthday gift for the First Lady is helping "Democrats who support the President take back the House in November," says DNC...
Washington, DC - The Democratic National Committee is running a fundraiser pegged to First Lady Michelle Obama's 50th birthday this Friday, Jan. 17th.  In an email sent on Wednesday, DNC asks supporters to sign a birthday card for Mrs. Obama--and then to make a donation.
Those who sign the card online are automatically taken to a donation page that reads "Thanks--Now Take The Next Step."

DNC's donation page shows the Obamas dancing at the second inauguration
"What could be a better gift than electing more Democrats?" reads the text above the donation boxes.  

"Making an investment in our candidates now will help Democrats who support the President take back the House in November."

Donation amounts range between $10--$1,000, with a box for a higher donation.  Both the card webpage and the fundraising webpage use photos taken by Chief Official White House Photographer Pete Souza.

UPDATE, Thursday, Jan. 16:  One day after launching the card campaign, DNC sent another email to supporters, noting that 237,451 people had signed Mrs. Obama's card, and offering an extra bonus:  A trip to Washington, DC, to "preview" the President's State of the Union speech on Jan. 28th. 

There was no mention of the number of donations received. 

The photo in Thursday's email from the DNC is also by Souza, and shows Mrs. Obama opening an Academy Awards envelope in 2013, when she announced the winner in the Best Picture category during an Oscars appearance, filmed from the White House via video uplink.