Thursday, December 05, 2013

Sam Kass Is Leaving His Wedding Menu Planning To Fiancée Alex Wagner

Kass at the White House
The White House Assistant Chef says all decisions will be made by the bride-to-be, who "knows her food"...
Washington, DC - White House Assistant Chef Sam Kass may cook for the most powerful man on the planet, but he says he wants nothing to do with planning the menu for his upcoming wedding to fiancée Alex Wagner, a host on the MSNBC network.

Kass, 33, says he will be leaving all menu details and decisions to his bride-to-be, whom he says "knows her food." 

“My fiancée will be making those decisions," Kass told when cornered and quizzed on the topic at a recent health policy conference in Dallas, Texas.

Wagner "knows her food," Kass said.

"I trust her implicitly to make those decisions."

The outlet "forgot" to ask Kass if he will be marrying Wagner, 35, in a wedding ceremony held in the Rose Garden at the White House, as White House Chief Photographer Pete Souza recently did, in a very, very rare event for someone who is not a member of a Presidential family.  No date has been announced for the Kass/Wagner nuptials.

Kass with Wagner, right, and Marisa Tomei at a DC social event
Wagner hosts MSNBC's politically themed show NOW with Alex Wagner.  The couple's engagement made national headlines in September of this year after she started wearing a glittering diamond engagement ring while onscreen.

Kass on the White House Kitchen Garden...
During the same interview, Kass also characterized the media hoopla over the wreckage of the White House Kitchen Garden during the federal government shutdown as "typical Washington" drama, though he seems to confirm the presence of the elusive fox that had taken up residence on the White House campus.

"There was a fox I guess," Kass said.  "There was drama, there was faux drama. There might have been a couple extra weeds, but the garden is fine."

Kass was on furlough during the shutdown, and not allowed on White House grounds between Oct. 1-16, when the government was closed for business.  Multiple reliable White House sources confirmed the presence of the fox to Obama Foodorama during the shutdown.   

The garden was rapidly restored to its former glory after the shutdown, and is now growing winter crops, protected by hoop houses.

*Kass photo by Eddie Gehman Kohan/Obama Foodorama; Kass & Wagner photo by, taken at a 2013 WHCA brunch.