Wednesday, December 04, 2013

It's Holiday Party Time At The White House

The 2013 Presidential holiday invitation
The President and First Lady will welcome thousands of guests after this year's holiday theme and decor is unveiled today...
Washington, DC - Beginning today, President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama will welcome thousands of guests to the White House over the next three weeks, for tours as well as holiday parties and receptions.  Lucky guests invited to evening events received the invitation, above.

The festivities begin today after the First Lady unveils her holiday theme and decor this afternoon at 1:30 PM, with military families invited for the first viewing.  There will be a livestream at

The 2013 Presidential Hanukkah invitation

Then it's off to the races for the busiest social season of the year.

"We have a reception almost twice a day, every day, until December 21," Mrs. Obama told Ladies' Home Journal, where she is featured on the cover of this month's holiday-themed issue.  

"That means hors d'oeuvres and eggnog and cookies for every guest who comes through. The house smells incredible for an entire month," Mrs. Obama said.

The President and Mrs. Obama will host two Hanukkah receptions on Thursday, one in the afternoon and one in the evening.  About 500 guests are expected at each, the White House said.

Sneak peek: Volunteers decorate the Cross Hall
The photo above of some of the volunteers decorating the Cross Hall on the State Floor was tweeted on Mrs. Obama's @FLOTUS account on Tuesday night.

On the day after Thanksgiving, Mrs. Obama was presented with the Official White House Christmas Tree, which is in the Blue Room. 

“We've always dedicated the Christmas tree in the Blue Room, which has the largest tree in house, to the military families," Mrs. Obama told LHJ.  

"This year we're going to decorate it with photos of military homecomings," Mrs. Obama said.  

"We're also asking military families to share their traditions, and those will be reflected in the ornaments as well."

The mansion has dozens of other Christmas trees, too, including in the Oval Office. 

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