Thursday, November 14, 2013

Kass: Burgers Are The 'Go-To' White House Meal

TMZ's "exclusive" video...
In case anyone still doubts that President Barack Obama is the Commander in Beef, has new video of White House Assistant Chef Sam Kass confirming that burgers are "the go-to meal" at the White House.  The cameraman accosted Kass on a DC street to quiz him.

"You know, we love a good burger," Kass said in the midst of hailing a taxi to escape, and then added "with vegetables, you know."

Burgers are the go-to meal outside the White House too:  President Obama ordered a cheeseburger for lunch on Tuesday as he dined at DC's Molly Malone's. 

The TMZ cameraman pressed Kass for more White House favorites, asking if peanut butter and jelly is on the menu, too.

"Always peanut butter and jelly, always," Kass said.  "On whole wheat bread, though," he added, perhaps remembering his role as Senior Policy Advisor for Nutrition Policy.

When the cameraman asked Kass to describe "the best romance meal," Kass replied "It depends on your girl."  He then fled in the taxi, which had mercifully arrived.

Kass recently gave both EXTRA and The Washington Post the same tale of Presidential burger love.  But he hasn't said a word about President Obama's affection for broccoli since Mr. Obama first declared it his favorite food last summer...

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