Monday, October 21, 2013

President Obama Kicks Kass At Golf

The Let's Move! Executive Director says playing against the President is a tough job...
Washington, DC - President Barack Obama skipped his usual weekend golf games during the 16-day government shutdown.  But he was back on the links on Sunday, joined by Let's Move! Executive Director Sam Kass and two White House aides.  The foursome played for a little more than five hours under sunny skies on the championship course at Virginia's Fort Belvoir.  (Above, Kass is in orange during a previous game)

Kass, the Senior Policy Advisor who is most frequently invited to join President Obama on the links, last played with his boss on September 21 on the same course with the same two aides who played on Sunday: Mike Brush and Marvin Nicholson, according to a White House official.  The game started shortly after they arrived at Fort Belvoir at 12:21.

As is standard practice, the White House released no score for the game.  But being the President's golf partner is challenging Kass, he recently admitted. 

"I'm suffering out there...I need some tips," Kass was overheard telling a guest who asked about the Sept. 21 game as she stood beside him at a recent Department of Education event, packing weekend food supplies for school children.

"It's not pretty," Kass said of being beaten by President Obama, who was given a 16 handicap by Golf Digest during his first term.

When queried, Kass told Obama Foodorama that the woman is the wife of a local golf pro, and said she had offered her husband's services to help Kass boost his game.  No word on whether or not Kass took up the offer. 

Kass says he took up golf thanks to the President, and he's still very athletic after a record-setting college baseball career.  But the President has played with Tiger Woods, who offered a private lesson and later complimented his game. 

The President last played golf on Sept. 28, right before the government shutdown began on Oct. 1.  

On Sunday, the President and his pals returned by motorcade to the White House shortly after 5:30 PM.  He had no public events scheduled this weekend.

*File photo by AP/pool, taken on Mink Meadows Golf Course, Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts