Friday, September 20, 2013

Video - Stephen Colbert Rains On First Lady's Drink Up Campaign: "Just Say H-2-NO"

"The Nanny in Chief...crams her pro-health agenda down Americans' throats--throats that should be packed with chili cheese fries"...
Washington, DC - First Lady Michelle Obama has plenty of celebrity love for her newly launched Drink Up campaign, and she's now been kissed--and comically dissed--by Stephen Colbert.  On Thursday night's The Colbert Report, the Comedy Central host opened by raining on Mrs. Obama's hydration initiative, calling her "the Nanny in Chief." 

Mrs. Obama has appeared on the show twice, and Colbert hailed her as "a lovely lady" and "friend of the show."

"But ever since she started her Let's Move! campaign to combat childhood obesity, she's been cramming her pro-health agenda down our throats," Colbert said.  "Throats that should be packed with chili cheese fries, as God intended." 

Colbert said "the Nanny in Chief has gone too far" with Drink Up, and played a clip from one of the many PSAs Mrs. Obama made for her campaign.

"Do you realize that water is the same thing they put in toilets?!" Colbert exclaimed. 

People get plenty of water from eating watermelon-flavored Jolly Ranchers, Colbert said:  "Water's right in the name."

"Folks, may I remind you that Jesus hated water," Colbert said.  "That's why he turned it into wine." 

Colbert continued on, saying "tonight I am calling on all Americans to just say H-2-NO."

"Do not drink it, and do not use it for ANYTHING," he declared.

Mrs. Obama appeared on The Colbert Report in April of 2012 when she joined Colbert in studio to mark the first anniversary of her Joining Forces campaign, where Colbert gently mocked Let's Move!.  She also appeared on the show in 2008, when her husband was first running for national office.

*Video and screengrab from The Colbert Report