Saturday, September 21, 2013

Sam Kass Golfs With President Obama

Washington, DC - Ahead of delivering the keynote address at the Congressional Black Caucus gala on Saturday evening, President Barack Obama spent the day relaxing on the championship golf course at Virginia's Fort Belvoir.  His foursome included Let's Move! Executive Director Sam Kass (l), who now holds first position as the Senior Advisor with whom the Duffer in Chief golfs most frequently.

 The President and his party began their game under gray and windy skies, with the temperature pushing 70 after arriving at 11:09 AM.  But it was raining by the time they finished close to five hours later, with a major storm surging into the district.  Trip Director Marvin Nicholson--who holds the #1 position as the aide with whom the President most frequently golfs, and Mike Brush completed the foursome.  

As is standard policy, the White House announced the names of the President's partners, but released no scores.

Kass, who says he took up golf thanks to the President, last joined his boss for golf during the First Family's August vacation on Martha's Vineyard, where he played two separate games with the President during the weeklong island idyll.  Nicholson was in both of those foursomes, too.

Kass also led the winning foursome for President Obama's birthday golf "tournament" this year, when the President kicked off a weekend celebration of his Big 52nd with a duel among three foursomes on the course at Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland.  Joining Kass in trumping the President were Wahid Hamid, a friend from the President's school years at Occidental College; Laurent  Delanney, CEO of ATP Europe; and former bodyman Reggie Love.   

As the winners of the tournament, the four got to fly aboard Marine One to Camp David, where the President's birthday festivities continued.

The Press pool had no sighting of the President and his party as they departed the White House for the game on Saturday, nor did they see the boys club when they arrived back at the White House at 4:31 PM.

*Photo by Eddie Gehman Kohan/Obama Fodoorama