Thursday, August 29, 2013

President Obama Presents Sen. McCaskill With A Birthday Cupcake

The President serenaded the Missouri lawmaker as he celebrated her 60th birthday aboard Air Force One...
Washington, DC - President Barack Obama presented Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill (D) with a single vanilla birthday cupcake on Wednesday, July 24, as they traveled aboard Air Force One to the lawmaker's home state. The White House on Thursday released the photo showing the Cakemander in Chief in action, which included serenading the Senior senator as she marked her landmark 60th.

"From a few weeks ago, on my birthday. He was singing, but uh, no Al Green," McCaskill wrote on Twitter as she posted the photo for her 94,878 followers.

President Obama has made birthday cake presentations a signature move in the White House and while traveling aboard Air Force One.  Last week he shook things up a bit when he presented pool reporter Mike Memoli with a pie topped with a candle as the journalist celebrated his birthday during the President's road trip to promote his plan to make college affordable.  The pie, presented to Memoli on AF1, was one of three the President purchased during an OTR stop at Bingham's Family Restaurant in Kingsley, Pennsylvania.

The White House released the cupcake photo with a new behind-the-scenes Flickr photo set for July, which also included a photo of the House Democratic Caucus presenting the President with a fancy chocolate cake ahead of his own birthday on August 4th.

McCaskill sits on four Senate Committees: Armed Services, Commerce, HSGAC and Aging, and she is a staunch proponent of the embattled Food Stamp program, which is facing cuts in the soon-to-be-debated Farm Bill. On her birthday, White House photographer Pete Souza also posted the Instagram above of the President and McCaskill aboard Air Force One, but minus the cupcake.

"On my way to Missouri, laughing with my friend. I'm blessed, not a bad birthday.," McCaskill tweeted with the photo.

Photos by Pete Souza/White House