Friday, April 26, 2013

McDonald's Uses 'President Obama' For Hamburger Commercial In Israel

Video: "God bless Israel" is tag line for TV ad starring presidential impersonator...
What President Obama would eat when he made his historic trip to Israel in March was the subject of obsessive speculation from Israelis (and the world press).  McDonald's is now capitalizing on the interest:  The fast food giant is promoting its new "Big America" hamburger in Israel with a commercial that features Obama look-alike Reggie Brown, who bills himself as "the world's #1 Barack Obama impersonator."  (Above, a screenshot from the video)

The ad will not appear in the US.  In the commercial, which has dialogue in Hebrew and English, actors who look like Secret Service agents zoom around a night-lit city, rounding up young workers and then forcing them to open a McDonald's restaurant.  After they've cooked a hamburger and French fries--with the agents monitoring the progress--the feast is delivered to a black limousine.  Brown/Obama rolls down a window to accept the delivery of the Big America burger and fries.  He has one line:

"God bless Israel...for the Big America," Brown/Obama says.  

The White House does not allow the use of the President's image for commercial purposes, but the Eater in Chief has been used for many food promotions since 2009.  A post on Brown's website seems to indicate that the ad is the first in a series for McDonald's.  "Here’s The First Spot. More To Come..." reads the text with the video.

BuzzFeed notes that McDonald's ran the same ad five years ago, with the most of same footage, "using a bad George W. Bush impersonator."  The ad with Brown was made by Yehoshua/TBWA of Tel Aviv.

*Screenshot and video from Yehoshua YouTube