Thursday, March 14, 2013

White House Debuts Multimedia Reality Series Starring Vice President: 'Being Biden'

Gun control push: First installment juxtaposes a hunters' dinner and the Newtown massacre...
Vice President Joe Biden is starring in his own multimedia reality series, the White House announced on Thursday.  In  'Being Biden,' America's most colorful second-in-command will offer "a glimpse into the Vice Presidency," the White House said.  The weekly series will pair photos of Biden during his travels with his own audio recordings "narrating the moment and its significance."  The first installment, "The Sportsman's Ethic," features the Veep attending the Whitehall Neck Sportsman Club's Wild Game Dinner, held in the town of Leipsic in his homestate, Delaware, on March 4.  (Above, the photo for Episode 1 shows Biden serving dinner with two hunters)

The Veep is known--and beloved by many--for speaking off the cuff and being something of a character.  But what might be a fun story about a freshly shot wild game menu and  Biden mingling with camo-clad locals turns into a treatise for the Administration's gun control platform as Biden discusses the three-month anniversary of the Newtown tragedy. (Above, the WH logo for 'Being Biden')

The Vice President is the Administration's point man for gun control, and has been wooing America's hunters as part of the campaign.  In 'Being Biden' he offers a sharp contrast between responsible sport shooting and the Sandy Hook massacre as he describes "those twenty beautiful little babies who were massacred up in Connecticut" and calls on Congress to "act responsibly."

As the 2:47 minute audio begins, Biden says he's been attending the dinner "for over thirty years," and that the menu stars game shot by local hunters.  He salutes the hunters for donating the proceeds of the dinner to charity, which includes money from auctioned-off "guns and bows."

"They believe that there's a Second Amendment right to own a weapon," Biden says of his hosts.  "So do I."

"But they also believe that it's for self protection and for legitimate uses like hunting. And these guys have the ethic--I find most sportsmen have an ethic, one that demands responsibility, and in their case, how you deal with, treat, and store your weapons.  And there's an ethic they have that says you're going to help in the community."

The point is, Biden says, the hunters are responsible--and at 1:36 minutes into his narrative he launches into the Newtown discussion.

"This is the third month anniversary of those twenty beautiful little babies who were massacred up in Connecticut at Sandy Hook and those six brave teachers and administrators who tried to protect them," Biden says. "And the country cries for responsible action to do everything we can, to see to it that these kinds of events don't happen again."

"By the way, just since that tragedy, over 75, 76 days ago, there's been over 2,500 people killed with guns in the United States of America," Biden continues.  "And I'm pleased to say that the Judiciary Committee--that's the committee in the United States Senate--has passed out the major elements of what we’ve proposed.  They’ve passed out a gun-trafficking piece of legislation, a universal background check piece, a school safety piece, and I think they’re going to do more."

"I think it’s time the United States Congress act responsibly now and seriously debate the pieces of legislation we’ve talked about so that we can get to a position where we actually make our communities safer for our children, make our schools safer, and make society safer."

Above, the White House homepage for 'Being Biden.'

*Top photo by David Lienemann/White House