Saturday, March 16, 2013

First Lady Michelle Obama Selects Winners For 2013 Easter Egg Roll Poster Contest

Eight-year-old from Florida and 12-year-old from Virginia create winning designs for 135th anniversary event...
The White House has announced that First Lady Michelle Obama has chosen two co-winners for this year's Easter Egg Roll poster contest, which was open to elementary and middle school students. Submissions from children in more than twenty states featured art work relating to this year’s Let's Move! theme, "Be Healthy, Be Active, Be You!"  Mrs. Obama selected a picture created by eight-year-old Kevin McAfee from St. Mark’s School in Jacksonville, Florida, as the 2013 Official Easter Egg Roll Poster (above).
Megan Freiwald, a twelve-year-old attending Peter Muhlenberg Middle School in Woodstock, Virginia, drew the winning design for this year’s Easter Egg Roll program cover.  Posters will be handed out as prizes to children who win the Easter Egg Roll or Egg Hunt, and programs will be distributed to all guests at the event on Monday, April 1.   More than 35,000 guests are expected, despite the White House's cancellation of all tours due to the sequester. Tickets were issued via an online lottery, now closed.

All children attending the event are also gifted with souvenir wooden eggs featuring this year's logo and stamped with the President and Mrs. Obama's signatures.   (Above, the winning design for the program cover)

"Kevin’s favorite way to stay healthy and active is by playing soccer and eating apples," the White House said when announcing the winners. 

"Megan likes to run, and she has won several events as part of her school’s track team.  Her favorite healthy meal is a salad with lettuce and tomatoes."

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*Images courtesy the White House