Monday, March 11, 2013

#AskFLOTUS: Michelle Obama Answers Questions During Let's Move! Twitter Chat

Twitter transcript: First Lady hits all the high notes of her campaign while livetweeting on @FLOTUS....
"To relieve stress I love kick boxing," First Lady Michelle Obama told Twitter users on Monday morning during a live Q&A on her @FLOTUS account, where she responded to 18 questions about her Let's Move! campaign.  The queries were, of course, carefully selected so the First Lady could spotlight components of her initiative--"How can your #LetsMove campaign be incorporated into the classroom?" asked one participant; Mrs. Obama, not uncoincidentally, recently launched  Let's Move! Active Schools, an initiative designed to solve that problem.  (Above, a White House photo of Mrs. Obama in action)

Twitter is a wild frontier, and Mrs. Obama got Twitterjacked hours before her session began at 11:05 AM, with users flooding the timeline with hostile, racially charged Tweets using the hashtag #AskFLOTUS.  The personal attacks continued long after Mrs. Obama was done.

During her Q&A, Mrs. Obama covered exercise, gardening, school fitness initiatives, healthy cooking, local sourcing, and her own personal fitness routine and eating preferences:  "I love turkey & veggie chili," she wrote, with a link to the newly launched MyPlate Recipe Partnership, and said of the First Family "We enjoy biking as a family when we can."  There was also Mom-in-Chief advice: Asked how kids can inspire their own parents to get healthy, Mrs. Obama responded "Get rid of the junk food, cook healthy meals with your parents & take them for a walk after dinner."

When one participant asked the million-dollar question "on behalf" of a fourth grade student--"is Let's Move really going to work?"--Mrs. Obama was cautiously optimistic.

"We're seeing positive changes, it will take everyone doing their part, kids too! (so eat your veggies)," she tweeted.

The session, in reverse chronological order:

*Photo by Chuck Kennedy/White House