Friday, February 08, 2013

Korea Is Thrilled With First Lady's White House Recipe For 'Simple Kimchi'

"Michelle Obama is a lover of Kimchi," notes headline in the Korea Times...
Kimchi is the national dish of Korea, and First Lady Michelle Obama is getting props in the country's media after the White House on Wednesday night released a recipe for housemade "Simple Kimchi." The recipe was posted to Mrs. Obama's @FLOTUS Twitter account, and after Obama Foodorama noted that it is the first new recipe release of President Obama's second term, Korea's SBS television and radio network linked to the post and reported that the recipe "has become a hot topic" and "netizens have shown great interest."  Above, a screengrab of the SBS story, which features a photo of Mrs. Obama and a headline that seems to read "Michelle Obama soaked in Kimchi," according to Google translate.

"Michelle Obama is a lover of Kimchi," was the headline for a story published about the recipe in English in the Korea TimesKimchi is typically a vibrant red in Korea, and the outlet reported that the bottles of Kimchi in the White House photo (l) included with the recipe do "not look as red as the Korean traditional variety," and that "the ingredients and preparation were also modified slightly for Western tastes."

Noting that the Napa cabbage used in the recipe was harvested from Mrs. Obama's Kitchen Garden on the South Lawn, SBS mentioned Mrs. Obama's Let's Move! campaign:  "Mrs. Obama has been spreading the news about her childhood obesity campaign and a healthy diet, with a vegetable garden at the White House."

Korea's also featured the White House recipe, and noted that when President Obama visited the Republic of Korea in 2009, Kimchi was on the menu at a luncheon President Lee Myung-bak hosted for him in Seoul at the Cheong Wa Dae, The Blue House that is the official residence and seat of government.  (Above, a screengrab of the story)

"In 2009, President Lee Myung-bak served kimchi and bulgogi to President Obama at a lunch," wrote

But somehow Kimchi didn't make it onto the menu for President Obama's State Dinner for President Lee at the White House in October of 2011.  Created by Executive Chef Cris Comerford, the menu used bounty from Mrs. Obama's Kitchen Garden, and was designed to "highlight the best of local produce combined with Korean flavors and traditions," the White House said., another Korean media outlet, also published a story about the White House Kimchi recipe, highlighting the post on Obama Foodorama, which included a screengrab of this site. "About Michelle Obama's Homemade Kimchi On Twitter," reads the headline. (Above) 

Obama Foodorama routinely has visitors from around the globe who are interested in White House food initiatives.

But there's been an uptick in readers not only from Korea in the last 24 hours, but also from Japan, too, where readers are viewing the Kimchi post in Japanese: