Monday, February 25, 2013

First Lady & Fallon's 'Mom Dancing' Video Gets More Than 4.4 Million Views...UPDATED

Mrs. Obama is more popular than Fallon's other video costars, including Justin Bieber and Tom Cruise...
*UPDATE:  As of Tuesday night, Feb. 26 at 10:19 PM, the video had 9,080,351 views, giving it more than 4.6 million additional views since Monday mid-day
First Lady Michelle Obama is helping Jimmy Fallon make history with their "Evolution of Mom Dancing" video, which debuted Friday night on his talk show to celebrate the third anniversary of the Let's Move! campaign.  As of Monday, the comic dance extravaganza has gotten 4,439,569 views on Fallon's Late Night YouTube channel.  That's millions more views than for other videos Fallon has released co-starring celebrities, including megawatt stars Justin Bieber, Tom Cruise, and Channing Tatum. And those view counts came over the course of weeks and months, not days.

Fallon tweeted his thanks to fans on Sunday when the two-plus-minute video with Mrs. Obama had gotten 2 million views.  That means that overnight to Monday, perhaps thanks in part to Mrs. Obama's surprise appearance at the Oscars on Sunday night, the video has gotten 2 million more views.

"2 million in 2 days!! Wow. Thanks! "Evolution of Mom Dancing" with Michelle Obama (@FLOTUS)," Fallon tweeted with a link to the video.

In contrast, the video clip of Mrs. Obama actually discussing the nuts and bolts of her childhood obesity campaign with Fallon on Friday night has gotten just 61,831 views.  

Fallon's video Jimmy Fallon vs. Justin Bieber, released in June of 2012, has since gotten 2,705,384 views on the Late Night YouTube channel.  Fallon's video Sticky balls With Channing Tatum, released on Jan. 31, has since gotten 122,686 views.  Fallon's video Water War With Tom Cruise, released in December 2012, has since gotten 286,223 views.

The only other Fallon video that's gotten close to the numbers of views for the dance video with Mrs. Obama is Fallon's video for "Slow Jamming the News" with President Obama.  That debuted in April 2012, and has since gotten 6,884,606 views on the Late Night channel.

The video Mrs. Obama and Fallon made for last year's Let's Move! anniversary, filmed at the White House and re-posted by Fallon on his YouTube channel on Feb. 18, has now had 195,966 views.  NBC had disabled the video for a number of months before Fallon reposted it ahead of Mrs. Obama's visit to his New York studio last Friday.

Fallon's "Evolution of Dad Dancing" video--the preamble to his sketch with Mrs. Obama--debuted on Father's Day last year, and has since had 1,050,568 views on his channel.

Mrs. Obama on Wednesday begins a three-state tour for the third anniversary of Let's Move!, with visits to Mississippi, Illinois, and Missouri.

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*Photo by Lloyd Bishop/NBC; video courtesy of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon