Monday, January 21, 2013

WH Chef Sam Kass And The Super Model - UPDATE

Inaugural partytime: The Senior Policy Advisor gets a famous fan on Twitter...
The Obamas' point man for food policy, White House assistant chef Sam Kass, managed to make it through DC's very wild weekend of non-stop inaugural balls with just a single mention on Twitter.  But it was a good one:  Sports Illustrated swimsuit beauty Chrissy Teigen--the future Mrs. John Legend--tweeted the photo, above, of herself with the Senior Policy Advisor.  It's from Friday night.

"WHITE HOUSE CHEF SAM KASS AHHHH," Teigen wrote to her 177,674 followers on @ChrissyTeigen.  

It got 8 RTS, and 54 "favorites," as well as some choice comments about Kass' "hotness."

Surely Kass and Teigen chatted about food: She blogs at, which is "personal random ramblings from a girl who loves bacon and can't be fat." Teigen and Legend visited the White House last March when the Grammy Award winner--a longtime Obama supporter who is performing during this inaugural--gave a command performance at the State Dinner for the United Kingdom.

UPDATE, JAN. 22:  Teigen and Legend were guests at President Obama's rocking White House after party on Monday night, and were also invited to his exclusive Inaugural Luncheon in National Statuary Hall at the Capitol.  Teigen tweeted the photo, below, of herself with Legend at the White House party, writing "holy cow."

"I don't even know what to say. It's 3:15am and I just teared up seeing our president getting down at the white house," Teigen wrote in another tweet.