Monday, January 07, 2013

Toasting Four More Years: President Obama's Inaugural Committee Selling Logo'd Barware

"Kitchen" items on sale at official site also include a commemorative plate and coffee mugs...
President Obama will be sworn in for his second term exactly two weeks from today, on Jan. 21st with 'Faith in America's Future' as the theme for the 57th inaugural. To help fund the extravaganza, the Presidential Inaugural Committee is newly selling official swag.  Perhaps they believe Americans need to fortify themselves with beer, wine, and liquor to withstand a second Obama term, because of the ten  items currently available in the "kitchen" category in the online store, six are for barware. Homebrewing enthusiasts who have brewed White House beer for the inauguration will be thrilled with the Pint Glasses featuring the inaugural seal, selling for $35 for a pair (above).

There's also a set of gold-rimmed champagne flutes with the inaugural seal ($30 for 2); a set of gold-rimmed wine glasses ($45 for two); a rocks glass set ($35 for 4); and a shot glass ($10 for one).  A navy blue foam beer can cozy is available for $10 for one, with the words 'Our People Our Future Obama 2013' written in white lettering.  (Above, a screenshot of the kitchen category)

Two coffee mugs are available, both for $25 each.  One features a white background with a graphic image of the Presidential motorcade, while the other is cobalt blue and features the inauguration logo in gold.  Plastic coffee travel mugs are available for $15 each, featuring a photo compilation of the First Family and the Bidens on election night.  (Above, a close-up of the shot glass)

Newly available as of Monday is a commemorative ceramic plate (above) which runs $125 for a single 10.75” plate.  With a blue and gold rim on a white background and the inauguration logo, it's more for display than dining.  "Each plate is individually numbered and comes in a gift box," notes the website.  Items that are made in the USA are noted on the website; the plate description  does not include the notation.  A blue aluminum water bottle, featuring the inaugural seal and the President's autograph is available for $30.

President Obama will be officially sworn in during a small ceremony on Sunday, Jan. 20, the date set by the Constitution.  But the public inauguration, featuring a repeat of the swearing-in ceremony on the steps of the US Capitol, will be held on Monday the 21st.  The ceremony coincides with the federal holiday honoring Martin Luther King Jr.
Buttons, tee shirts, posters, pens, lapel pins, cuff links, throw blankets, golf items, and other swag are also on sale at the website.

District of Columbia officials are expecting far less than the estimated 2 million people who attended President Obama's first inauguration, with between 600,000 and 800,000 citizens expected to visit Washington, DC on Jan. 21.  (Above, the beer can cozy, for $10 each)

Yesterday, Ticketmaster disappointed citizens wishing to attend the two Inaugural Balls and the Parade by "accidentally" making the tickets available a day ahead of schedule, on Sunday instead of the company's announced date of today.  Ticketmaster credited the mistake to a "computer glitch," but has so far made no effort to appease outraged and disappointed citizens.

Above, the gold-rimmed champagne flute with the inaugural logo; a pair sells for $30.

For information on the history of presidential inaugurations, check out the website for the Joint Congressional Committee on Inaugural Ceremonies.

 Above, the "motorcade" coffee mug, available for $25 each.

*Photos courtesy of the 57th Presidential Inauguration Store