Friday, January 25, 2013

Regrets Only? Celebs Delete Tweets From Obamas' Private Inauguration After Party At White House

Intimate comments and photos from the exclusive, closed-press dance party vanish from Twitter and Instagram...a little late...
After posting Twitter and Instagram photos of themselves partying with President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama at the private--and reportedly wild--White House inauguration after party on Monday night, some celebrity guests have deleted these from their Twitter accounts.  The closed-to-press black tie party lasted until after 3:00 AM, according to guests' tweets, and it's a little late for deleting:  The photos had already been copied by Obama Foodorama and other outlets, including the photo above, that shows Mrs. Obama dancing at the party to Beyoncé's  All The Single Ladies.   That now-deleted photo was tweeted and retweeted by singer Eric Benet and his daughter India Benet (she's in blue beside Mrs. Obama; actor Kal Penn is center).

The President and Mrs. Obama's guests included Senators (Claire McCaskill, John Kerry, Dick Durbin, Tim Kaine), Cabinet Secretaries and former Cabinet Secretaries (Leon Panetta, Kathleen Sebelius, Hilda Solis, Colin Powell), the extended First Family, and celebs:  Eva Longoria, Ashley Judd, Kelly Clarkson, Katy Perry, John Mayer, Alicia Keyes and Swizz Beatz, Wendell Pierce, John Legend and model Chrissy Teigen, Kerry Washington, Janelle Monae and James Taylor, who were packed with about 200 partiers onto the State Floor, where dancing was the prime activity. (Above, the President dances with daughters Malia and Sasha, in a screengrab from a video that remains online, posted below)

"DANCING WITH THE FIRST LADY TO SINGLE LADIES!!! WHAT IS LIFE??!!?? @ The White House," India Benet tweeted on @IndiaBenet with the photo at the top of this post before deleting it a day later.  Eric Benet also deleted a party tweet that referred to the White House as "the Black House," in addition to deleting the link to his daughter's photo with Mrs. Obama.

Singer Legend and his fiancee/model Teigen deleted tweets that included the above photo of themselves at the White House party, which included rolling back the rug in the East Room, so President Obama could lead a group of revelers dancing in a Conga line to "Soul Train," according to Illinois Senator Dick Durbin. Legend and Teigen were invited to President Obama's Inaugural Luncheon earlier in the day, and had prime seats during the ceremony at the Capitol.  Teigen posted the now-deleted photo, simply writing "Holy cow."   

Legend also deleted a tweet that read "2:30am at the White House. It's a celebration!," while Teigen deleted a tweet posted right after leaving the party that read: "I don't even know what to say. It's 3:15am and I just teared up seeing our president getting down at the white house."

The model also partied with White House assistant chef Sam Kass on Friday night, but didn't delete the photo she tweeted with ""WHITE HOUSE CHEF SAM KASS AHHHH."

Another delete from the Benets' Twitter streams is the photo, above, of the father-daughter duo with Katy Perry and John Mayer at the party.  India also deleted a tweet mentioning Sen. Kerry, ostensibly the future Secretary of State:  "Ok someone just farted next to me in the White House. I think it was John Kerry."  She also deleted tweets that read "Just talked to Clinton. Whatevs" and "So they're totally playing Rock lobster at the White House right now LOL," as well as a photo of herself in the East Wing.  

Even Sen. McCaskill of Missouri got in on the Twitter action from the party, posting a blurry photo of singer Janelle Monae performing as the President and Mrs. Obama watched from the front row.  That tweet remains online:  "Now we are rocking at the WH. Happy Inauguration. " McCaskill tweeted at 8:43 PM on Monday night.

Monae, who previously performed at one of the President's State Dinners, also climbed atop a table to dance in the East Room, according to the photo above, tweeted by The Hollywood Reporter's Tina DauntTHR also posted this video of the President, Mrs. Obama, and their daughters dancing with guests; HHS Secretary Sebelius is also visible, in red:

Other celebs didn't delete their tweets: Perry didn't erase a 2:38 AM tweet she posted after the party that read "Just left the White House.  All other parties from here on our will be judged unless they take place at the White House."  But there was no photo with the tweet; Perry headlined Mrs. Obama's Kids' Inaugural concert on Sunday night, and created "an exclusive photo-diary" of her inauguration experience for Vogue, rather than tweeting photos.

Singer Kelly Clarkson's tweet about the President's party also remains online:  "Just partied at the White House ....I kid you not, Michelle Obama stood up and got the party started ....seriously cool First Lady :)"  There was no photo with that tweet, either. Actress Judd also left intact her tweets, which included no photos.

Eric Benet has left the Instagram photo, above, of the invitation to the President and Mrs. Obama's after party visible in his Twitter account; the tweet with the photo reads "Partying at the White House last night! Tearin' it up on the dance floor w the Obama's till 3am. Surreal !!!"

Other guests at the President's after party included Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick; Chicago Mayor and former Obama chief of staff Rahm Emanuel; political strategist Donna Brazile; Cecilia Munoz; Valerie Jarrett; DNC Chair Deborah Wasserman Schultz; and labor heroine Lilly Ledbetter, according to The Hollywood Reporter.  

But Benet also has two other tweets visible in his stream that have dead links to photos from the party:

And this one:

Singer Alicia Keys and her husband, Hip Hop artist Swizz Beatz, also left photos they posted visible on their Twitter accounts, including the photo above, of Beatz sitting in the White House movie theater, and one of him hugging the President.

"On chill in The White House movie Room  all red everything :) wow what a night.......," Beatz tweeted with the Instagram photo.
Keys performed at President and Mrs. Obama's official The Inaugural Ball on Monday night  at the Washington Convention Center, while Jennifer Hudson crooned as the couple had their first dance at the Commander-in-Chief's Ball, minutes before.  

 The non-stop partying for the 57th Presidential Inauguration culminated on Tuesday night with the Staff Inaugural Ball, where the President and Mrs. Obama and Vice President Joe and Dr. Jill Biden thanked between 10-15,000 White House, Administration, Obama for America, and Presidential Inaugural Committee staffers, as well as volunteers.  Lady Gaga headlined, and was joined by Tony Bennett for a duet of "The Lady is a Tramp."  The party had loads of Twitter action thanks to Gaga's appearance, with the hashtages #staffball and Gaga's own, #WhitehausBall.  Today the superstar tweeted the photo, above, writing "I love this photo ! @itstonybennett" with the photo link.