Wednesday, November 07, 2012

White House To Livestream President Obama's Triumphant Return To Washington, DC - UPDATE: Cancelled

Update, 5:07 PM:  The White House late on Wednesday afternoon announced that the livestream is being cancelled due to inclement weather.

 "Due to a bad weather call, the President will motorcade from Joint Base Andrews to the White House," the White House said in updated guidance about the President's schedule.  The President and First Family departed Chicago at 3:37 PM CT.
Newly reelected as the 44th President, Barack Obama will return with the First Family to the White House from Chicago today at 5:20 PM ET, and the White House will be livestreaming the event.   On Election Night, the President partied into the wee hours of the morning with his family, attending receptions for campaign supporters and staff after delivering his victory speech at McCormick Place.  He finally returned to his home in the Kenwood neighborhood at 2:36 AM.

President Obama has not been in Washington, DC, since Sunday, Nov. 4, when he embarked on a final battleground-state blitzkrieg.