Sunday, November 04, 2012

At Ohio's 'My Friends Restaurant,' Vice President Biden Offers Limo Ride To Teenage Twins

The Veep also leaves a big tip as he woos Buckeye State voters...
Careening through Ohio on a whirlwind junket for the last Sunday before Election Day, Vice President Joe Biden made a surprise morning stop at My Friends Restaurant in Cleveland.  Joined by Dr. Jill Biden, the Veep caused yells of excitement as he entered the Detroit Street eatery shortly after 11:00 AM.  Greeting staff and patrons, and introducing himself as "Jill's husband," Biden bought a cheesecake and a coconut custard pie--leaving a tip of about 50%--and then offered a ride in his official limo to Amira and Amir Nasrallah, 17-year-old twins who work at the restaurant.  (Above:  The Veep with Amira, who is a hostess)

The visit to the eatery came ahead of a rally at Lakewood High School in nearby Lakewood, where the twins attend school. "You're going to my high school," Amira  told the Vice President, but she added that she wasn't going because she had to work.

After asking Amira the distance from the restaurant to the high school, Biden said "Now, if you ride with us, will you be able to get back?"

"Oh my God, are you serious?" Amira said.

Yes, the Vice President was.  And Amira won't be eligible to vote until the next election.

"Why don't you ride in my car with me, okay?" Biden said.

"Oh my God!" Amira shrieked.

"You see this lovely young woman? We're gonna let her ride with me, in my limo, to the high school," Biden told his aides.

And indeed, the teen and her brother, a bus boy, hopped into the limo with the Vice President and Dr. Biden when they left to attend the rally.

Biden handed over $40 to pay for his pie ($8.99) and cheesecake ($10.99), and instructed the cashier to distribute the rest to the staff as a tip.

The Vice President's event in Lakewood was one of three rallies scheduled in the battleground state; President Obama was also in Buckeyeland on Sunday, speaking in Cincinnati as part of a four-state blitz.  The President returns on Monday for a final Ohio rally in Columbus.  (Above:  The Vice President leads Amir, center, and Amira to his limo)

The Vice President also campaigned in Fremont and Lancaster, Ohio, on Sunday.  He began his day by attending Mass with his wife at St. Malachi Catholic Church in Cleveland.

Info:  My Friends Restaurant is at 11616 Detroit Avenue  Cleveland, OH 44102.  Phone: 216- 221-2575.

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