Thursday, November 01, 2012

Anti-Obama Candy: The Mitt Romney Mints

DC company offers fresh breath for voters with Mitt Tea Party Mints; there's no Anti-Romney candy...
Most foods created during election campaigns that show images of the candidates and/or their logos are in support of the individual running for office.  But here's a new twist on the idea:  Anti-Obama mints.  The peppermint candy, packed in tin containers, are targeted at Mitt Romney's supporters, who perhaps have a bad taste in their collective mouths after four years of President Obama.

The graphics on the tins--"One & Done" and "Nope" with an "O" that looks like the Obama campaign logo--but isn't--are popular Tea Party slogans.  The mint makers could not actually use the Obama 2012 logo without being sued by the President's campaign, which has gone after other companies for copyright infringement.

The mints were not created by the Romney campaign, but are from a company called "Novelty Mints" and distributed by White House Gifts, which has two outlets located within steps of the White House.  The company is not affiliated with the White House or the government. 

No Anti-Romney mints...
White House Gifts is not selling Obama-themed mints that bash Mr. Romney--though it is selling boxes of mints that carry images of the President, and tins with variations on his 2008 campaign slogan of "Hope and Change," such as the tin of mints, above.  It also features an Obama logo lookalike in the word "Hope."  Somehow "Forward"--the President's current campaign slogan--is not on any mints.

Romney's most recent campaign slogan is not featured on any of the mint tins, either.  

Each tin is priced just a bit higher than the baseline donation the Obama camp is now asking for from supporters: $5.95 plus tax.

The Romney tins are tiny, as the quarter in the photo above shows; each individual tin retails for $3.95 plus tax.

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*Photos by Eddie Gehman Kohan/Obama Foodorama