Friday, October 26, 2012

The President Had Fun During His Battleground Blitz, And Loved His Eat n' Greet Stops

Secret Service can't keep up with him, President jokes...
President Obama was still peppy late on Thursday night after rocketing around America on his two-day swing state America Forward! extravaganza.  Speaking to reporters as he flew back to Washington after his final event, a massive rally on the tarmac at Cleveland's airport, the President said he had fun--and he especially liked his "OTRs," the "unscheduled" stops he made at a pizzeria, a donut store, and a Vegas cafeteria.  (Above: In Cleveland)

Visiting the press cabin aboard Air Force One shortly after take off, the President quipped that he had so much fun he would have continued his tour through Friday.

"I’m ready for more but the Secret Service is running out of assets," he joked.  "So we’re going to have to let them regroup before we go at it again."

Asked if he enjoyed the Cleveland rally, where he spoke on the shores of Lake Erie with Air Force One as a backdrop, the President said yes--with qualifications.

"It's a lot of fun, but the only problem is you don't have the OTRs," President Obama said.  "Like that thing at the Bellagio yesterday was great."

The President late on Wednesday night dropped by the employee cafeteria at the Bellagio Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, where he spoke to unionized culinary workers, urging them to vote early, the main message from his trip.  Earlier in the day he had a pizza lunch with precinct captains at Antonella's Pizzeria in Davenport, Iowa.  Thursday began with a dawn stop at a Krispy Kreme in Tampa, where the President bought four dozen donuts, which he then delivered to firefighters.  (Above:  At Antonella's with his guests, and waiter Coco Sierra)

None of the stops were on his official schedule, but all were planned: The donuts were pre-ordered.  The Iowa eatery is a favorite of local campaign aides, according to the thrilled waiter who served the President, Coco Sierra.

On Thursday night, even before he his tour was done, the President sent a message on Twitter to the states he'd visited.

"Thank you, OH, IL, VA, FL, CA, NV, CO, and IA. These last 48 hours have me feeling ready to go for the next 11 days. Are you with me? -bo," he wrote on @BarackObama.

President Obama will spend Friday at the White House doing interviews for target audiences, including MTV, "The Michael Smerconish Show" and the American Urban Radio Networks.   Later in the afternoon he will visit the Democratic National Committee headquarters on Capitol Hill.

On Saturday, the President heads for New Hampshire.  Next week, he will be joined on the campaign trail by former President Bill Clinton. He'll once again be hitting swing states, including Florida and Ohio. 

*Photos by Obama for America