Monday, October 01, 2012

Special Delivery: President Obama Brings 'Settebello' Pizza To Henderson, NV Field Office

Restaurant staff had no idea they were prepping the Presidential order for six "outstanding" pies...
The folks toiling away at Henderson, Nevada's Obama for America field office got a special delivery on Monday afternoon, when President Obama played pizzaman and delivered six boxed pies from Settebello Pizzeria Napoletana.  The President, taking a break from prepping for his first Presidential Debate on Wednesday, arrived by motorcade at 2:08 PM for the surprise visit.  (Above:  The President with his gift, escorted by regional field director Casey Adams)

"What's going on everybody?" the President said as he entered the office holding the pizza boxes. 

He was greeted by squeals of delight from his staff and volunteers, and informed them that he'd brought some "outstanding" pizza.

"I'm going to go around. I want to meet every single person," President Obama said.

According to Settebello manager Dana Olsen, the President's order included 2 Margherita Pizzas ($10 each); 2 Margherita Pizzas with the addition of Finocchiona, a peppered salami ($12.50 each); and 2 Capricciosa Pizzas, made without Prosciutto ($13 each).  The total bill was $76.75 with tax.

Olsen and her staff had no idea the thin-crust Neopolitan-style pizzas they prepped were for the President, she told Obama Foodorama.  Settebello has been open for seven years in Henderson, and Olsen said it was the first "political" order ever placed.

President Obama is a fan of Vegas pizza:  During a visit to the city in January of this year, he ordered a dozen pies from Dom DeMarco's Pizzeria & Bar.

After thanking his staff and volunteers, President Obama joined them in making calls to "super volunteers."  He used two cell phones that were on a table, awaiting his arrival. (Above:  The President chats with his supporters)

Joined by a big team, the President is prepping for his first battle against GOP rival Mitt Romney at Henderson's luxurious Westin Lake Las Vegas Resort, which features a Middle Eastern theme and water views.

Monday was the President's second day in the Las Vegas Valley:  The President arrived on Sunday, and gave a 25-minute speech in the evening to about 11,000 supporters at Desert Pines High School. (Above: The President working the phone) 

The trip to the field office included a bit of a mishap, pool reported:  "Many of the vehicles behind the pool bus, including the regular ambulance and the black one, were left on the freeway exit ramp after the light changed. Those vehicles never caught up."

Info:  Settebello is located at 140 Green Valley Pkwy, Henderson, NV 89012.  Phone: 702-222-3556.

*Top photo by Obama for America; others tweeted by campaign Press Secretary Jen Psaki