Friday, September 28, 2012

Video: Jon Stewart On Media Hypocrisy And The School Lunch 'Controversy'

"This isn't about food or kids," Stewart says...
On Thursday night's The Daily Show, Jon Stewart took on the hypocrisy of the media coverage over calorie limits in the federally subsidized National School Lunch Program.  The issue got plenty of attention this week, thanks to a video created at a tiny school district in Kansas being featured prominently on Drudge Report.  Stewart aired clips of coverage by Fox News and ABC World News and other media outlets during two segments as he pointed out the partisan-biased coverage; Fox in particular has blamed First Lady Michelle Obama for "starving" students with the USDA policy, mandated by the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act 2010.

Stewart points out that USDA has been setting nutrition standards for school lunches for decades, and then asks "Why is this news?"  He then played clips of Fox coverage that featured Mrs. Obama, and noted:

"Oh, right. Because this isn't about food or kids. It's about big-government uber-nanny Michelle Obama--who, if she said we needed clean air, half the country would demand gills because... freedom!"

Stewart also pointed out that the lyrics for the "We Are Hungry" video was penned by the Kansas school's English teacher, and asked what Fox would think about that.

"So how divided are we as a nation?” Stewart asked at the end of one segment. “Well, we have two types of diabetes in this country, and if Obama is against them, America’s No. 1 news network is for one of them."

Clip one:

Clip two: