Tuesday, September 04, 2012

President Obama Gifts Virginia Firefighters With A Case Of White House Homebrewed Beer

Firefighters get three kinds of Presidential beer during surprise visit from Beer Drinker in Chief...
Securing his position as the candidate who should be most beloved by beertrack voters, President Obama on Tuesday afternoon made an "unscheduled" stop at Norfolk, Virginia's Fire Station No. 14, to gift the firemen with a case of White House hombrewed beer. Standing by a fire truck, he spoke to three fire fighters and their battalion chief, and discussed his special gift, which was packed in a plain brown box. (Above: Showing the firemen his special beer)

“The White House has been brewing it’s own beer. Have you heard about this?” President Obama asked as he held out a bottle of the rare stuff.

The busy firefighters were unaware of the historic White House brewing operation.

"I want you to test it out," President Obama said. "It's a whole case. I am going to call you up and see if we have the right recipe."

“Should we wait until tomorrow to drink it?” asked one of the firefighters; the heroes are on duty around the clock.

"I don’t want to get you into trouble with the chief," President Obama responded.

The case of beer the President presented was a mix of three brews in unlabeled bottles made by the White House chefs, including Honey Ale and Honey Porter, according to an aide. On Saturday, the White House released the top-secret recipes for both brews.

Also released was a video showing the White House chefs, which has gotten more than 326,000 views on YouTube since being posted.

The White House id'd the firefighters with the President as Ralph Sullivan, Johnathan Cuci, Larry Phillips, Eddie Ferro, and George Cutler.

The President presented Minneapolis resident Brad Magerkurth with a single bottle of homebrew last month during a road trip through Iowa, and also asked him for "a review." Magerkurth hadn't yet cracked his bottle last time Obama Foodorama checked in with him.

The President arrived at the Fire Station after speaking at Norfolk State University, the final stop on his battleground-state Road to Charlotte tour. That's included plenty of other food stops, too. The rally was the President's ninth in Virginia state since May.

The President also asked the firefighters about their equipment and whether they have what they need to perform their duties.

“Sometimes we do,” the battalion chief said.

The press pool was ushered out so the President could chat privately with the men, and the motorcade was back on the road by 2:20 PM.

Read all about the White House beer recipes here.

The White House beer video:


*Photos by AP/Pool.