Thursday, September 13, 2012

Political Poopers: New Obama And Romney Wind-Up Toys 'Poop' Candy

Based on sales figures, Obama figurine is winning toy company's "Poopularity Poll" by 10%...With video...
The 2012 election campaign just got simultaneously sweeter and, er, even dirtier. A new wind-up toy in the likeness of President Obama 'poops' red, white, and blue candy pellets as it totters along. Sold in stores and on the internet at, the "collectible walking candy dispenser" is $8.99 online. GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney has his own figurine, too. Foreign outsourcing is a hot topic this campaign season, and somewhat hilariously, the 6-inch plastic toys are made in China, while the candy is made in Canada, according to the package.

"Political Poopers are the must-have collector's item for the 2012 race to the White House (or the Outhouse!)" reads the website. "Hold your own race by pitting the candidates against each other in a wind-up poop off!"

The company is running a "Poopularity Poll" on the website that's based on sales, and the Obama Pooper is selling better, according to figures through Sept. 5th: The Obama Pooper has 53% of sales to the Romney Pooper's 43%. The site encourages visitors to buy their fave figurine to boost pool numbers. In a poll on the site that's NOT based on sales figures, the Obama Pooper has 78% of the vote to the Romney Pooper's 28%. Good news for President Obama's likeability factor...or maybe it's because the Romney Pooper looks slightly sinister.

"Whether you're rooting for the Republican or Democratic Party--just remember--every Party needs a Pooper!" reads the website.

The pooping action: The candy pellets are loaded into a hatch on the back of the figurine's head, and come out a hole in the back when the toy is wound up and walking. That's right below little white letters that read "Dongguan, China." Los Angeles-based My Favorite Toy, Inc., is the distributor.

The Obama toys photographed here were purchased at a brick and mortar store for $6.99 each, a savings from the online price. The Romney toys were sold out, according to the clerk, and in high demand. Above, the back view of the Obama Pooper.

tos by Eddie Gehman Kohan/Obama Foodorama; video and Romney figurine photo from