Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Obama To Campaign Volunteers: Woo With Pizza

The President's had a lot of pizza action lately, and suggests his supporters follow suit...
Speaking to campaign volunteers in Las Vegas, Nevada late on Wednesday afternoon, President Obama gave tips on how to best recruit new members of his army.

"If you want people involved it can’t be just a grind," the President said. "Hopefully people are laughing and joking, the occasional pizza party doesn’t hurt.”

To boost the fun factor, football should be on the TV during the pizza parties, the President suggested, adding “Go Bears!”

Taking his own advice about pizza and campaigning, President Obama stopped by a pizza joint in the battleground state of Florida over the weekend, where he literally got a big lift. A few weeks ago, he stopped by a pizza joint in the battleground state of Iowa to buy some pies and schmooze. In the battleground state of Colorado, he told a crowd he was "deeply moved" that Boulder pizza place "The Sink" had renamed a sausage and pepperoni pie "The POTUS Pizza."

First Lady Michelle Obama has also gotten in on the pizza meme. Last week she e-mailed supporters suggesting they give up a dinner out and instead donate to her husband's war chest.

"A woman recently told the campaign her family skipped a pizza dinner at their favorite place so that they could make a difference in this election," Mrs. Obama wrote. "That is the commitment that drives this campaign."

After speaking to his Vegas volunteers, the President later addressed a large crowd at the Cashman Center.

The start of the President's two-day campaign swing through Nevada and Colorado was delayed on Wednesday morning, due to a press conference and a visit to the State Department to console staff after the death of US Ambassador Christoper Stevens and three other Americans during an assault on the American consulate in Libya.

The President will stay overnight in Aurora, Colorado on Wednesday, and campaign in the battleground state on Thursday.

*Photo by Obama for America