Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Democratic National Convention Watch Parties: White House Recipes To Eat Like Obama

For the President's big night in Charlotte, a special collection from the archive...
President Obama arrived safely in Charlotte today. He's encouraging supporters to gather for "watch parties" as he takes the stage on Sept. 6: "I want the folks who've stepped up for this election to be together when I accept the nomination on Thursday," he wrote in an email. Dining has figured prominently in fundraising efforts thanks to the Dinner with Barack contests, so nothing could be more fun than serving a watch-party menu filled with the President's favorite foods--using recipes created by the White House chefs.

An historically accurate Presidential spread should include a combo of Cheeseburgers, Pizza, Chili from the Eater in Chief's own recipe, and Steak, which has been served at most of the Obamas' White House dinner parties. As a nod to First Lady Michelle Obama Let's Move! campaign, Salad should be served, too. The perfect finish is Pie, the President's favorite dessert. It's served at all important Obama celebrations, including birthdays.

While a celebratory Presidential menu would ideally include White House hombrewed beer, the recipes were released too late for that to be possible. So Bud Light, the President's choice during sudsy campaign stops, can be swapped in. For teetotalers, iced Sweet Tea is the President's beverage of choice when dining out.

Of course salsa, chips and guacamole have to be on the menu: They're the President's food "vice," says the First Lady: "If there are chips and salsa, he really can't stop eating those."

Tragically, the White House hasn't released a salsa recipe, so enthusiasts are on their own for that one.

White House Convention Watch Party Recipes

Steak, Burgers, Chili

*Grilled Skirt Steak with Poblano Sauce is from Sam Kass, the President and Mrs. Obama's Senior Policy Advisor for Healthy Food Initiatives. He cooks dinner for the First Family whenever they're home, and says this fast and easy recipe is a favorite. The steak is served over a bed of sauteed spinach (above).
*The Obama Family Chili recipe can be served over noodles or rice. Preferably brown, if you're a fan of the First Lady. "I make a very good chili," President Obama bragged to the pint-sized chefs invited to last month's Kids' State Dinner.

Though the President loves cheeseburgers, the White House has never released a recipe. Thus healthier Turkey Burgers will have to do--again, a nod to Mrs. Obama.

*Turkey Patties, from Executive Chef Cris Comerford, can be covered with cheddar cheese to make them Presidential, and loaded onto buns with pickles, lettuce, and tomato. The President is a fan of spice, so hot sauce and jalapenos are a good bet for those looking for accuracy. *Do* ditch the soy sauce called for in the recipe.

Presidential Pizza

The addition of pepperoni and sausage to these White House vegetable pizzas is required to make them accurately Presidential.

*Grilled Garden Pizza, inspired, of course, by the First Lady's Kitchen Garden.

*Garden Vegetable Pizza, which Mrs. Obama fed to the veggie-hating Jay Leno during an appearace on the Tonight Show.

Presidential Salads

*Summer Chopped Salad, Created by Comerford and featured in Mrs. Obama's book American Grown, uses summer lettuces with corn, green beans, sweet and spicy pecans and other delights.

*White House White Bean Salad, also from American Grown, is by Kass. It's spicy: Shallots, chives and radishes are mixed with peas and Cannellini or Great Northern beans.

Presidential Pies

From Executive Pastry Chef Bill Yosses, two Obama favorites:

*White House Huckleberry Pie, the newest addition to the Presidential pie collection, uses blueberries, too. It's been served at every Obama Thanksgiving at the White House.

*White House Apple Pie is so good was served at the State Dinner for China.

*Sweet Potato Pie with Honey Meringue was created by Comerford when she competed on Iron Chef America. President Obama adores sweet potatoes, according to Mrs. Obama.

Bon appetit!

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*Top two photos by Christopher Dilts/Obama for America; third by Obama Foodorama