Monday, September 24, 2012

A New 'Dinner with Barack' Video

Obama for America on Monday released a new video for the the sixth and final Dinner with Barack contest, part of a push for donations ahead of the September 25th deadline.  The Obama campaign already released one contest video during this cycle, and has sent a flood of emails about the fundraiser since Sept. 17.  Pleas for donations have come from President Obama, Vice President Joe Biden and First Lady Obama, as well as aides.  Seating charts for the contest have been sent, too.

The three winners will pay taxes on the $1,600 assigned retail value of the prize package, which includes a one-night hotel stay and coach-class airfare.  Winners must also pass background checks and agree to be used throughout all eternity in campaign promotions.  Each is allowed to bring a guest.

There's an alternate "free" entry page for the dinner contest that's required by law, but no winner has gotten a seat at any of the President's dinners without dropping cash into his war chest.  A campaign official admitted last week that the org doesn't actually care if *you* are one of the three winners--the President just wants your money.

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