Sunday, August 05, 2012

Sam Kass Joins President Obama For 51st Birthday Golf Game, Trip To Camp David

White House describes the assistant chef & Senior Policy Advisor as "personal friend" of the President...
UPDATE, FEB. 2, 2013: President Obama went skeet shooting at Camp David, too, according to a newly released photo
White House Assistant chef and Senior Policy Advisor for Healthy Food Initiatives Sam Kass was one of the players in President Obama's golf foursome on Saturday as the Eater in Chief celebrated his 51st birthday with his 104th game since taking office. They played for close to six hours on the course at Joint Base Andrews. The White House declined to release the names of the President's foursome, with an aide saying only that it was "made up of a group of personal friends." But Kass was photographed with the President, in golf gear, as the links party boarded Marine One, heading for Camp David to continue the birthday festivities at the presidential retreat in Maryland. (At top: Kass, far right, on the tarmac, ahead of bording Marine One)

Kass, 32, was the Obama family's private chef in Chicago before rising to his current position, and has become a regular in the President's golf games. They last played together in June at Fort Belvoir in Virginia. Kass' trip to the rustic yet high-tech Camp David would likely involve no cooking duties: The retreat has its own kitchen staff, and the White House chefs cook there only on very special occasions--such as for the Camp David Accords. (Above: The President salutes as he boards Marine One)

The President's close friend, business man Bobby Titcomb, and White House Trip Director/body man Marvin Nicholson (a happy veggie hater) were also part of the golf birthday party heading for Camp David, according to the photos. (Above: Kass, second from right, walks with Titcomb, in lime green, toward Marine One)

After playing golf, the President and his entourage arrived on the tarmac at 4:15 PM and loaded on Marine One and another HMX-1 helicopter, according to pool. They'd arrived at Joint Base Andrews on Saturday morning at 8:23 AM to kick off the President's birthday.

In July, Kass made his first international trip as a White House staffer, traveling to London with First Lady Michelle Obama for her visit to the Olympic games.

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*Reuters photos