Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Presidential Portrait: 'Barack Obameat'

Jack Link's Beef Jerky runs a contest to "Vote For Your Favorite Meathead"...Will the Commander in Beef win?
President Obama has been memorialized in smoked, compressed beef bits, thanks to Jack Link's Beef Jerky company. They're running a contest to "Vote For Your Favorite Meathead 2012" on Facebook, and have created portraits of Mr. Obama and presumptive GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney made entirely out of beef jerky. President Obama's portrait, titled "Barack Obameat," is particularly appropriate, since a nice cheeseburger is his preferred meal when dining out (even at a French restaurant).

And beef was the entree of choice at every high-profile White House dinner the President hosted in 2011.

Romney's portrait is titled "Meat Romney." Both were created by Jason Mecier, a San Francisco-based muralist. He used approximately 50 bags of jerky for each.

The company is offering a $5,000 "Snack Stimulus Package" prize to a voter who wins a related sweepstakes. It includes "Jack Link’s Jerky and other meat-tastic prizes!"

The candidates are competing for votes against company mascot Sasquatch, who also has his own beef jerky portrait by Mecier, and a campaign platform.

Artists Mercier discusses the making of his "savory salute" and promotes the beef jerky in this video:

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*Photo & video courtesy of Jack Link's Beef Jerky