Friday, August 31, 2012

President Obama's White House Power Lunches

The closed-press luncheons with the Vice President are now infrequent, thanks to much time spent stumping for votes on the campaign trail...
Today's Photo of the Day on the White House website is an image of President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden enjoying a Thursday lunch under the historic shade trees of the Oval Office patio. In the earlier days of the Administration, America's Eater in Chief and his side dish used to have a closed-press power lunch each week. But thanks to constant campaign travel for both, the intimate moments discussing policy over Kitchen Garden veggies have become much less frequent.

The President and Veep were last "officially" scheduled for a White House lunch on August 20, but the President instead wound up 'crashing' his wife's Kids' State Dinner luncheon in the East Room. Thus the most recent luncheon before Thursday was more than two weeks ago, on Aug. 16th.  President Obama was newly returned from three days of rolling though the battleground state of Iowa aboard Ground Force One, while Biden was newly back from wooing Virginia voters. The luncheon before that was on July 26th.

Chief White House photographer Pete Souza took the photo at top, and he posted an almost identical luncheon image from June 28, when Mr. Obama and Biden were once again dining on the Oval Office patio. That time, Souza captured the two with food on their plates.

*Photos by Pete Souza/White House