Tuesday, August 14, 2012

'Just One' More Beer In Iowa: President Obama Visits The Pump Haus In Cedar Falls

The President quaffs a Bud Light as he woos beer track voters...
The news that President Obama is ferrying White House homebrewed beer aboard his massive bus as he rolls through Iowa made headlines on Tuesday, and in the evening there was more sudsy action. Clearly wooing beer track voters, the President made a "surprise" visit to The Pump Haus bar & grill, located on Main Street in the town of Cedar Falls. Surrounded by patrons, the President ordered a Bud Light. (Above: The President toasts with Iowans)

Ahead of his visit to The Pump Haus, President Obama told a crowd in Marshalltown about the Bud he drank on Monday night when he visited the Iowa State Fair.

"It was good. I might have another beer today. You know, just one,” he joked. Mission accomplished.

Restaurant owners Bruce and Johna Petersen were on hand for the President's historic 6:54 PM visit, accompanied by their son Keifer, age 3. It was "kids eat free night" at the restaurant.

"Hey, man," Mr. Obama greeted the boy, who was jumping up and down and pulling on the Presidential leg as its owner stood at the bar and ordered his beer. The child got a pat on the head.

"I'm a man!" Keifer cried, as he ran to his mother. Pool reported that the child then demanded that his mom take him outside to see Ground Force One, which was wedged into the parking lot amidst a crowd of onlookers.

The bartender told the President his Bud was on the house, but the Beer Drinker in Chief argued.

"No, no, no," President Obama said.

He was overheard chatting with patrons: "I'm just about as close as I get to home," the President said. "We're gonna drive right up to the border to Quad Cities."

One patron, John Brooks, was trying to enjoy his dinner with his wife and five-year old twins, and he was unimpressed with the Presidential visit.

“It’s like a traveling zoo," Brooks told pool. Pressed, he said he’s an undecided voter who supported Mr. Obama in 2008. Asked if Mitt Romney can win his vote, Brooks responded “Not after his v.p. pick.”

Pool was then escorted out so the President could schmooze with Iowa's beer drinkers in private, after noting that the campaign video crew that's following the President around was allowed to remain in the pub, cameras rolling.

The President emerged after a short while, and worked the ropeline outside, shaking hands and posing for photos.

"President Obama in the HAAAAAUUUUUUUUUUSSSSSSSSSS!!!!" was posted on The Pump Haus's Twitter account, @ThePumpHaus.

Earlier on Tuesday, the President devoted himself to promoting wind energy, speaking about it during his events in Oskaloosa, Marshalltown and Waterloo, and during a visit to a family owned wind farm, which was added into his schedule.

The President will spend Tuesday night in Cedar Falls. First Lady Michelle Obama will join her husband on Wednesday in Iowa for the final day of the bus tour.

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Info: The Pump House is located at 311 Main Street, Cedar Falls, Iowa, 50613. Phone: 319- 277-8111.