Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Bus Tour: President Obama Drops By The Coffee Connection In Knoxville, Iowa

Coffee, iced tea, cinnamon rolls....and the President hands over a bottle of White House homebrewed beer...
Fresh from a workout on Tuesday morning, President Obama wanted to treat everyone gathered at Knoxville, Iowa's Coffee Connection to the house beverage and bakery treats. He arrived via Ground Force One at 9:59 AM at the cafe located on the small town's main square, by the County Courthouse on Robinson Street. The President immediately took over the place, after striding in with a hearty "Hello everybody!" (Above: With owner Mark Raymie)

"You guys need anything? I'm about to order!" The President called out to patrons as he stood at the counter, then added "I was going to pay."

The President greeted cafe owner Mark Raymie, a Republican running for county supervisor, then began his order: One coffee and one iced tea, a bunch of muffins and a cinnamon roll, because, he said, "I got people on the bus." (Above: choosing muffins)

Then, again, the President called out to the patrons: "Anybody need anything?"

"Cinnamon roll," yelled out one man.

"I just took the last cinnamon roll," the President responded.

He turned to Raymie and said "I assume that was the last cinnamon roll?"

Raymie said there were more in the back.

"It turns out we have more cinnamon rolls so you're in luck," the President told the man who had requested the treat.

He paid his bill with cash: $12.31.

White House Homebrewed Beer...

After, there was more schmoozing along a ropeline outside, where the President, holding a white paper bag and a coffee cup, greeted about thirty people. There was also one very special moment before the President climbed back aboard his bus: He presented a local man with a bottle of White House homebrewed beer, which he carries aboard Ground Force One. CLICK HERE to read about the special moment and the beer.

After fueling up on coffee, the President departed for Nelson Pioneer Farm & Museum in Oskaloosa. He was scheduled to discuss wind energy--and his GOP opponents, of course.

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Info: The Coffee Connection is located at 213 E Main St #101 Knoxville, Iowa, 50138. Phone: 641-828-8141