Monday, August 13, 2012

At Iowa State Fair, No Deep-Fried Twinkies For President Obama

First Lady has banned the treat, says President, but he's looking forward to checking out the butter cow...
Kicking off his three-day campaign bus tour through Iowa on Monday morning, President Obama told a crowd at his first stop of the day in Council Bluffs that he might be visiting the Iowa State Fair in Des Moines, an outing not currently listed on his schedule. (Above: speaking at the event)

We're going to be heading east and I think I'm going to end at the State Fair," the President said, to applause from a crowd of about 4,300 people gathered in Bayliss Park.

"Michelle has told me I cannot have a fried Twinkie," the President said. "But I will be checking out the butter cow and I understand this year there's a chocolate moose. So I'm going to have to take a look at that if I can."

The President will spend Monday night in Des Moines. Also off limits for the President: Riding the Bumper Cars, he said.

"The last time I went to the State Fair, Secret Service let me do the bumper cars, but they said this year--I wasn’t President yet, so I could do that. But not this time."

Rep. Paul Ryan
(R-WI), the newly announced GOP vice presidential candidate, was scheduled to make his first solo appearance at the Iowa State Fair on Monday afternoon. It is one of the largest such fairs in the nation. The President during the rest of his remarks chastised Ryan for blocking the Farm Bill, and laid out his vision for America.

On Tuesday, the President will travel to Oskaloosa, Marshalltown, and Waterloo for more campaign events. He will remain overnight in Cedar Rapids. On Wednesday, the President will be joined by First Lady Michelle Obama, and they will travel to Dubuque and Davenport for more campaign events before returning to Washington, DC in the evening.

The transcript of the President's remarks.

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