Thursday, July 26, 2012

Carole King Woos 'Rural Americans for Obama' In New Campaign Video

Tapestry: The songstress plays up President Obama's maternal Kansas roots: "Rural America is part of his DNA"...
Legendary folk singer/songwriter Carole King is the latest celebrity to appear in a campaign video for President Obama. Charged with wooing voters to join Rural Americans for Obama, King says she's "lived for more than 30 years in central Idaho," and mentions biodiesel and food security as she says she is convinced that "President Obama understands how important rural America is." (Above: A screenshot from the video)

"Rural America is part of his DNA," King says as Obama family photos and images of the President's visits to rural areas flash onscreen.

"His mom and his grandparents were from Kansas and they helped make him the person he is today. He has really solid common sense."

Though he was born and then raised from the age of ten in Hawaii, the President's maternal grandparents, Stanley and Madelyn Dunham were born in Kansas, as was his mother, Ann Dunham. Interestingly, a photo of a 20-something Mr. Obama sitting with his grandparents on a bench in New York City flashes onscreen as the 60s-era chart topper touts his rural roots.

"Whatever the label you identify with, set that label aside, and find out all that he's doing for rural Americans," Kings says as she urges viewers to join Rural Americans for Obama.

Singer Beyoncé is another songstress supporting President Obama.