Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A Birthday Treat For Sasha Obama: First Lady Takes Daughters On Pinkberry Run

President stays home at White House...
As Sasha Obama celebrated her eleventh birthday on Sunday, June 10th, First Lady Michelle Obama treated the youngest member of the First Family to frozen yogurt at a Pinkberry located in Washington, DC's Dupont Circle neighborhood.  Joined by sister Malia, 13, as well as aides and Secret Service, the Obama party was spotted taking a break from the heat--it was close to 90 degrees--in the afternoon. (Above: Sasha is between her mother and Malia, who has her back to the camera)

Mrs. Obama kept dark sunglasses on during the outing, and the girls were clad casually in shorts and sandals as they sat at a table by the window. President Obama did not join the fun; he remained at the White House all day, with a travel/photo lid being called for the press corps at 11:19 AM.  The Pinkberry is located on Connecticut Avenue, a short trip from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue by motorcade.

Last week, the First Lady treated Sasha and ten girlfriends to an early birthday party at Red Robin, a gourmet burger joint in Dulles, Virginia, as previously reported here. The President also did not join that celebration. Sasha celebrated her tenth birthday last year at DC's wildly popular Georgetown Cupcake.

Eric Mittenthal, Vice President of Public Affairs at the American Meat Institute, snapped the Sunday birthday photo and Tweeted it. "Ran into Michelle Obama and daughters at Dupont Pinkberry," he wrote.

President Obama had no public events scheduled over the weekend after a busy week on the campaign trail. On Saturday, he played golf at Fort Belvoir.

Information: The Pinkberry the Obamas visited is at 1213 Connecticut Avenue NW, Washington, DC, 20036. Phone: 202-419-3443.

*Photo by Eric Mittenthal