Tuesday, May 08, 2012

New Obama Foodie Swag: The 'Change Is' Mug

For those who missed President Obama describing his many accomplishments at his election kickoff rallies on Saturday, Obama for America is newly selling the $22 "Change Is" mug. It features a photo of the President on one side, and a list of eleven achievements--legislative and otherwise--printed on the reverse side, by order of date. The list begins in January of 2009, with "Equal Pay For Equal Work" (that's when the President signed the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act), and includes "Saving The Auto Industry." It ends in December of 2011, with "Ended The War In Iraq."

"Our 'Change Is' Mug highlights the change that the President has brought and will continue to fight for," notes Obama for America. (Above: The mug list)

The made-in-the-USA mug joins plenty of other Obama foodie swag for sale from the campaign, though it's not quite as dazzling as the O'Bama Pint Glass Set, a special creation for St. Patrick's Day, which spotlighted the President's Irish roots (it was a bargain, too, at $25 for two glasses).

Other drinkware includes the Obama Martini Glass Set ($30 for 2), and the Obama Birth Certificate Mug. That also celebrates the President's "roots;" he was Made in America. The mug is $22.50, and still for sale, though OFA previously promised it was a "limited edition."

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*Photos by OFA