Thursday, April 19, 2012

White House Dismisses Presidential Dog Fight

The White House on Thursday weighed in for the first time on the media mania over a passage in President Obama's memoir that says he ate dog meat as a boy in Indonesia. During a briefing with reporters, Press Secretary Jay Carney put a leash on the GOP's use of the tale, which has been ignited by high-profile conservative commentators on Twitter, as well as one of Mitt Romney's campaign advisers, Eric Fehrnstrom.

"Making a big deal out of it sounds like somebody who’s trying to get out of the doghouse on something," Carney said, and laughed.

#ObamaDogRecipes became a trending topic on Twitter late on Tuesday night. Asked if the President is aware of the "recent back-and-forth about Republicans picking out this section of his book where he eats dog and making a big issue out of it," Carney responded that the President "may know about it," adding "I think we’re talking about a reference in his book to a period when he was six or seven years old."

On Wednesday, during an appearance on Fox show Hannity, Romney said he'd had enough of going to the dogs, too, and declined to discuss the story of the President eating dog. Still, Romney accused the President and his campaign of trying to distract voters with the 1983 story of his own dog, Seamus, being strapped to the roof of his car in a crate, for a drive from Boston to Toronto.

President Obama "is is trying to divert attention from the economy and it won’t work,” Romney told host Sean Hannity.

"The people of America are going to choose a president based on jobs, not dogs."

*Photo by Pete Souza/White House; it has been part of the Twitter war over the President eating dog meat.