Saturday, April 14, 2012

President Obama Fundraises With First Dog Bo: Throw Him A Bone--And A Donation

"The First Dog is wagging his tail in anticipation of four more years"...
Obama for America is using First Dog Bo's third anniversary at the White House as a cute fundraising gimmick for President Obama's re-election. Supporters are being asked to "throw Bo a bone" and send him an e-mail greeting, and those who do are re-directed to a fundraising page on the Campaign's website. Getting his daughters a puppy if he won the 2008 presidential race was a personal campaign promise Senator Obama made, and he fulfilled it in April of 2009 after moving into the White House. Bo is now "the most famous member of the Obama family," according to First Lady Michelle Obama, who also refers to the fetching Portuguese Water Dog as "my son."

Marking Bo's anniversary is a new twist for re-election fundraising, though OFA has run card donation campaigns before. In January of this year, the campaign launched a birthday greeting fundraiser to mark Mrs. Obama's 48th birthday. Bo has previously been put to work as a fundraiser: His photo is featured on pins and magnets ($10). Dog-loving Obama donors can also choose a variety of swag with the Obama 2012 logo, from a leash ($15) to a dog bandana ($12), to a dog coat ($30) and a dog food bowl ($10). (The Bo magnet, above)

"During the 2008 campaign, Barack Obama promised his daughters Sasha and Malia that if he won the race for President, he’d get them a puppy. And on April 14th, 2009, he brought Bo the Portuguese water dog home to the White House," OFA wrote on its blog. "Now, the First Dog is wagging his tail in anticipation of four more years. Throw Bo a bone, and wish him a happy three-year anniversary." (Above: A screenshot of the donation page for Bo's card)

"Bo's got three years under his collar as the First Dog. Wish him a happy anniversary as a member of the First Family," @BarackObama tweeted with a link to Bo's card page.