Thursday, April 26, 2012

President's Camp Keeps Up Tweets And E-Mails About 'Obama Clooney & You' Sweepstakes

"Your hotel and airfare--covered!"
The Obama Campaign on Thursday sent its fifth e-mail about the 'Obama, Clooney & You' sweepstakes since first announcing the contest on April 19.

It's in addition to a big push on the @BarackObama Twitter account, where aides are highlighting the chance to "fly to California with a plus+," and reiterating the call to supporters to donate multiple times in small amounts. George Clooney will host the fundraiser for President Obama at his Los Angeles mansion on May 10th.

"I know this probably isn't the first time you're hearing about this, but chances like this don't come up very often," Deputy Campaign Manager Julianna Smoot wrote in an e-mail with the subject heading "Your hotel and airfare--covered."

She's not the first aide to note that coach-class airfare is included in the taxable-to-the-winners prize package: National Finance Director Rufus Gifford sent an e-mail on April 20th with the subject "We'll take care of airfare."

The President himself e-mailed supporters on April 24th as he was in the midst of a three-state swing to visit universities to discuss student loan interest rates. His subject line read "George Clooney and Me."

"I wanted to send a quick note about the upcoming get-together I'll be attending at George Clooney's house," President Obama wrote. "You should be there for this."

It followed an e-mail on April 23rd from Campaign COO Ann Marie Habershaw, who offered "Some advice about George Clooney." The two winners of the sweepstakes are each allowed to bring a guest.

"Choose your guest wisely," Habershaw wrote. "Whoever you pick to join you is going to owe you big time."

The e-mails and Twitter pleas ask for a $3 donation, though the minimum donation box on the entry form at is $15. The Clooney party will cost non-winners at least $35,800 to attend, and will be co-hosted by DreamWorks Animation CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg. Clooney lives in a gated Craftsman-style estate at the top of a secluded canyon just to the east of Beverly Hills.

"Start thinking about your +1"...
The Tweets on the @BarackObama have emphasized the exclusive and especially Hollywood nature of the event, and also the fact that hotel and airfare are included in the prize package, which has an assigned retail value of $1,600 for each winner. Each Tweet links to the donation page on, where the deadline to enter is April 30th. Click here for the Official Rules.

The Tweets:

Today, April 26: "It’s an invite to meet the President at George Clooney’s house—don’t miss out"

April 25: "Fly to California with a +1 to meet the President at George Clooney’s house—it's a once-in-a-lifetime sort of thing"

April 24: George Clooney is hosting President Obama in May. You're invited—and we'll cover airfare"

April 24: “George Clooney is hosting the President next month, and you’re invited. Start thinking about your +1”

April 23: “Meeting President Obama at a party hosted by George Clooney—check two things off your life list”

April 20: “This one’s hard to turn down—chip in $3 for a chance to meet the President at George Clooney’s house”

April 19: "Dinner with the President at George Clooney’s house. Chip in $3 now for a chance to win"

Smoot's e-mail today:

XXX --

I know this probably isn't the first time you're hearing about this, but chances like this don't come up very often.

And the deadline is approaching.

Chip in $3 or whatever you can to be automatically entered to go to L.A. and spend an evening with President Obama and George Clooney.

We'll cover airfare and hotel for you and whoever you choose to bring with you.

All you have to do to be automatically entered is donate what you can to support this campaign:



Julianna Smoot
Deputy Campaign Manager
Obama for America