Thursday, April 19, 2012

Kass Will Attend White House Correspondents' Association Dinner As Guest Of 'People' Magazine

The Senior Policy Advisor has been on the magazine's 100 Most Beautiful People list...and took his mum as his date in 2010...
Senior Policy Advisor for Healthy Food Initiatives Sam Kass will be rubbing elbows with a laundry list of celebs on April 28th when he will be a guest of People magazine at the 2012 White House Correspondents' Association dinner. Kass, who celebrated his 32nd birthday this week, has been on People's guest list in the past; he brought his mother, Valentine, as his dinner date in 2010. Kass' bosses are attending the dinner at the Washington Hilton too, by the way, but will be seated at a different table. People has also scored legendary actor Diane Keaton and The Hunger Games star Josh Hutcherson for their table. (Above: Kass and his mum on the red carpet in 2010)

Kass was among the White house staffers--and First Lady Obama--listed as "Barack's Beauties" on People's 2009 100 Most Beautiful People list. The assistant chef's other tablemates at the WHCA dinner include Senator Olympia Snowe (R-Maine) and her husband John McKernon, a former governor of the state; William Levy; and Katherine Schwarzenegger.

According to White House Correspondents Insider, which is keeping minute-by-minute tabs on the guest list, other celebs invited to the glam affair by various media entities are Stevie Wonder; George Clooney and his girlfriend Stacy Keibler; Paul Rudd; Fred Armisen; “Modern Family” stars Sofia Vergara, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Julie Bowen and Eric Stonestreet; Reese Witherspoon; Viola Davis; Mary J. Blige; Aziz Ansari; Jason Schwartzman; Pierce Brosnan; and Steven Spielberg and his wife, actress Kate Capshaw,

*Photo by Carrie Devorah/WENN