Thursday, March 29, 2012

President Obama Joins Pinterest; A Food And Recipe Board Is Included

The Obama Family Chili Recipe in the spotlight...
President Obama's
campaign HQ on Wednesday unveiled its own series of boards on the fast-growing social network site Pinterest, which has seen an explosion of interest in the last few months. The Obama project has 7 different boards, including one devoted to "Obama-inspired recipes." (Above: A screenshot of the food board)

The board includes the Obama Family Chili Recipe, unveiled during the 2008 campaign and put to good use during this year's Super Bowl as part of a pigskin-themed fundraiser. There are also photos of foods carrying the Obama campaign logo. There are currently no recipes pinned that were created by the White House chefs--which could possibly be a violation of federal election rules.

Obama for America tweeted the new project to followers: "Organizers, infographics, murals, and cake - now pinning all of the above for #Obama2012 on Pinterest."

Fundraising through Pinterest...
The 8 different boards include one devoted to campaign merchandise, and one devoted to the First Family--which includes a photo of President Obama and his favorite toy, the marshmallow cannon, and First Lady Obama dancing on TV with Ellen DeGeneres. (Above: The Chili Recipe; click to enlarge for readability)

There's also a photo of the President and Mrs. Obama dining with supporters during one of the "Dinner with Barack" fundraisers. There's currently one of these contests open, and the caption reads "The Obamas sit down for a meal with supporters during Dinner with Barack. Have you put in your name for a seat at the next one?"

There's a merchandise board, and a page devoted to ObamArt--which has a photo of one supporter's manicure. Joining Pinterest requires an "invite" from the publisher.

Ann Romney's Pinterest...
GOP presidential hopeful Mitt Romney's wife, Ann Romney, has been avidly pinning since February. Romney has a board devoted to recipes, with 11 delights the Romney family loves, including Mitt's Meatball Cakes, his favorite birthday treat.

Obama for America has experimented with social media, and has also joined Instagram and Tumblr, those these aren't updated very frequently. The most success has come with Twitter, where the President and First Lady Obama both have accounts. The President now has 13,515,114 followers, while Mrs. Obama, who joined earlier this year, has 701,568 followers. Tweets are posted by staff unless the accoutns are signed "-bo" and "-mo" respectively.