Friday, March 02, 2012

A New "Dinner with Barack" Video

As the March 3 deadline looms for a seat at President Obama's table for the Dinner with Barack IV fundraising contest, Obama for America has just released this video of the four winners of the second "Dinner with Barack" contest. The winners are filmed sightseeing around the Capitol, and dining with the President at DC's Scion Restaurant.

The winners are Kathie Toigo, 64, an early childhood special needs teacher flown in by the Campaign from Yerington, Nevada; Bill Blackwelder, 31, of Fayetteville, North Carolina, a US Army Reserves veteran of the war in Afghanistan and horticulture student; Val Grossmann, 54, of Westminister, Colorado, a US Postal Service worker; and Scott Zoebisch, 34, of Atlanta, Georgia, a firefighter. Toigo dishes on the dinner here: "French fries With The Leader Of The Free World."

Every winner is required to undergo background checks, and to sign legally binding documents that allow the unpaid use of their names, images, likenesses, etc. by Obama for America "for promotional purposes without further permission or compensation." They're also taxed by the IRS on the assigned retail value of the prize package.

Click here for links to videos from the President's first dinner.

The President ate dinner with the four winners of the first "Dinner with Barack" contest in October of 2011, at The Liberty Tavern in Arlington, VA. Guests, somewhat coincidentally, also included a US Postal Service worker and two teachers. The President has not yet dined with the six winners of the third contest, "Dinner with Barack and Michelle," which includes the participation of First Lady Michelle Obama.

*OFA video