Saturday, March 31, 2012

Final Appeal For 'Dinner with Barack IV' Contest

An e-mail from the President: "Hey"..."Let's go"...
As the final hours of the campaign finance quarter loomed on Saturday, the banner on President Obama's Twitter page @BarackObama was changed to read "THE FINAL WINNER of Dinner with Barack WILL BE CHOSEN TODAY." The banner is usually a countdown clock to election day in November. Three winners for the "Dinner with Barack IV" contest have already been chosen.

A staffer Tweeted a link to the dinner contest entry form on @BarackObama, writing: "My best speeches came from having a conversation with someone." --The President at #DinnerwithBarack."

Take that, Jon Favreau!

The President himself sent a simple e-mail to supporters. It had the simple subject line of "Hey." CLICK HERE to watch videos of President Obama with winners of the third Dinner with Barack contest.

The President's e-mail:


I need you with me on this one.

Tonight's deadline is our biggest yet, and I need everyone pitching in.

Give $3 or whatever you can:

Let's go,