Friday, March 23, 2012

Damian Lewis Dishes On First Fan President Obama And The UK State Dinner

A sensational night: The Homeland star was surprised to be seated at the Head Table, and reveals that the President sneaks his TV time...
Homeland star Damian Lewis says that being seated across from his #1 fan, President Obama, and Prime Minister David Cameron at last week's State Dinner made for "a sensational, unforgettable evening." (Above: Lewis arriving for the dinner)

The President, Lewis told TV Guide Magazine, had "a great sense of humor," and promised to give insider details about foreign policy so Season 2 of the critically acclaimed Showtime series will be accurate.

While aware that the President loves his show, the British actor said he had no idea he'd be dining on Bison Wellington while seated across from the President and beside billionaire Warren Buffet. He attended with his wife, Helen McRory.

"I went down onto the South Lawn into the marquee with my wife and we were looking for Table 20, and we thought we'd be by the toilets or something," Lewis said. "And it turned out we were sitting directly opposite the President at his table." (Above: Lewis is third from left, across from the President and Cameron, and beside Buffet)

The toilets, as it happens, were very fancy port-o-lets, complete with running water, located behind the huge dinner pavilion, which featured a 150-foot window looking out onto the dramatically lit South Lawn. The theme of the decor was "America's Backyard."

The President wanted to discuss Homeland, Lewis said.

"Not in any great detail, but I did sort of joke with him that the creators of the show had asked him to give us a heads up on any foreign policy moves so that we could just stay current with Season 2," Lewis said.

"And he looked me straight in the eye and said, 'I'll be sure to do that.' Didn't bat an eyelid. I found he had a great sense of humor."

The President sneaks time for his Homeland viewing...
As he arrived for the dinner, Lewis told the press corps that he was going to ask President Obama when he actually has time to watch Homeland. The star got his answer.

"He said 'Michelle goes out with the kids and they play tennis on a Saturday afternoon. I tell her I'm going to work and then I go in my room and watch Homeland,'" Lewis said.

TV Guide reported the plot points the President can look forward to in Season 2 of Homeland: The action picks up about six months after the finale, said executive producer Howard Gordon, and Carrie (Claire Danes) is pulled back into the CIA. Saul (Mandy Patinkin) is working in Beirut. The relationship between Carrie and Brody will continue to be explored, said executive producer Alex Gansa. (Above, as he chatted with reporters during his arrival, Lewis pointed to his wife's gown and announced that it was designed by British couturier Jacques Azagury)

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*Lewis photos by Eddie Gehman Kohan/Obama Foodorama; tent photo by Pete Souza/White House