Friday, March 09, 2012

Campaign Fundraiser: Bowling For Dollars With First Lady Michelle Obama In New York

NFL players host $5,000/ticket "Family Game Night"... 
President Obama's supporters might think twice about challenging First Lady Michelle Obama to a game of anything after seeing her wallop Jimmy Fallon and Ellen DeGeneres in TV fitness challenges. All the same, on Monday, March 19th, Obama for America is offering a "Family Game Night" in New York City with the ultra-fit Mrs. Obama, when she'll be in town for a pricey cocktail fundraising reception hosted by Robert De Niro, Whoopi Goldberg, and other celebrities.

Mrs. Obama will be bowling for dollars at 3:30 PM at 300 New York - Chelsea Piers, in an event hosted by Victor Cruz, wide receiver for the New York Giants, and NFL's Wale Ogunleye, who formerly played for the President's beloved Bears. $5,000 gets VIP status, which "includes photo reception and bowling shoes for up to five." The White House has a bowling alley, so buyers beware.

Tickets are $150 for those who just want to watch, and $250 for those who want to bowl in the vicinity of Mrs. Obama. Proceeds benefit Obama Victory Fund 2012.

"This fundraising event will be a lot of fun, it's very affordable, and I'm sure it's going to be extremely popular," noted the email invite sent to supporters. "After all, who wouldn't love to say that they went bowling with the First Lady!"

$5,000 to bowl is affordable? The President travels to Texas today to fundraise, while Mrs. Obama has two fundraisers in Boston, Massachusetts. Mrs. Obama is picking up her 2012 fund-raising pace: She visited Raleigh and Charlotte, N.C. last Friday, which also included a Let's Move! event. On Monday, she visited St. Louis and Kansas City for two fundraisers. At the end of February she was in Cincinnati, OH and Louisville, KY for fundraisers.