Saturday, February 04, 2012

Obama for America's Super Bowl 2012 Fundraiser: President Obama's Family Chili Recipe

Donate $15 for the Joe Biden Can Holder and Coaster Set...
President Obama's re-elect operation is making good use of America's Super Bowl obsession to fundraise. In a tweet sent late on Saturday, @BarackObama asked supporters to vote for either New York or New England on the Obama for America site. Voting required entering an e-mail address, which will be added to the massive database of potential donors maintained by OFA. After entering a vote, Super Bowl fans were encouraged to donate $15 for "The Big Game Pack," a "limited edition" combo of the Joe Biden Can Holder and Coaster Set.  And, savvy about the power of wooing donors with food (think Dinner with Barack), OFA also offered The Obama Family Chili Recipe, which the President unveiled during the 2008 campaign. (Above: The screen that appears after voting; the OFA logo is made of rice for the recipe link)

"Make your pick for tomorrow's big matchup and add the President's favorite chili recipe to your gameday spread," @BarackObama tweeted with the link to OFA's fundraising site.

Using the Super Bowl to fundraise makes sense for an operation that has wooed donors with everything from Thanksgiving to the President and First Lady Obama's birthdays. But offering the Big Game Pack is a little late for Obama/Super Bowl enthusiasts, since OFA swag typically takes a month to arrive once ordered. (Above: The recipe. Click to enlarge for readability)

As for who the President likes in the big game? He's remained neutral. This year there is no big White House Super Bowl party, a contrast to last year's major gridiron shindig, which had about 200 guests, including Jennifer Lopez and then-husband Marc Anthony, and marked the debut of homebrewed White House beer. The First Family will be watching the Super Bowl at the White House, with a "quiet" celebration, according to Mrs. Obama and aides.